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The Slave Trade

Causes and beginnings

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Slavery started with the Egyptians. Some were sold because of debts and others sold themselves to escape from poverty: as slaves they did not lose their civil rights and they believed that losing their freedom was worth not having the responsibility to gain their own money. It was a sort of economic security.

Slavery was also used by the English settlers in the seventeenth century. They needed laborers because the popultation was decreasing and the colonists thought that the best way to satisfy their needs would be to get African slaves.

The increasing of tobacco growth required a large amount of land and consequently workers, which led to the use of slavery in the colonies. During the 17th century, the servants were running away from their masters farms. The African slaves would be found easily because of their colored skin. Malaria could not contaminate them because they were immune to it, so they could not die of disease. The Africans had a good tradional backround of farming from Africa, and so had essential agricultural skills.

Slavery was the basic element of the prosperity of the colonies.