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The Slave Trade

Who was involved?

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Who was involved- enjoy!

article written by Katelyn and Sonia.

Europeans had been involved in trade Slave Trade with Africa since before the Atlantic Slave Trade began.

The trading countries:

Countries where slaves came from:
-Senegambia (presently Senegal,Gambia,Guinea and Guinea Bi ssau)
-Siera Leone
-Windward (presently modern Ivory Coast)
-Gold coast (presently Ghana)
-Bight of Benin (presently Togo,Benin and western Africa)
-Bight of Biafra(presnetly the south of Nigeria,Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea)
-Central Africa(presently Gabon, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo)

The slaves were then sold in the Carribeans,


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